Largest indoor marijuana grow operation takes root in village of Lawrence

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Lawrence, Mich. — It’s touted as the largest indoor marijuana grow operation in the state Michigan.

It’s being built in Van Buren County. “305 Farms” is close to opening up in the village of Lawrence.

CEO Matt Peon says within the next 30 days, this first building which is 60-thousand square feet will be ready to start cultivating.

Assembling the grow tables, room after room will soon be filled with plants.

With three separate buildings planned, Peon says it’ll be the largest single marijuana grow site in the state.

“Which should take us north of 200,000 ft. of full cultivation in one property which equates to about 40 licenses or 80,000 plants under the state regime,” said Matthew Peon, CEO of 305 Farms.

Most other larger operations in one location have around 15 licenses.

“So, when we say largest single site, we are saying I dare you to find someone else in the state that has 80,000 plants under the same roof,” said Peon.

Peon says moving to Lawrence has so far been a match made in heaven for both the company and the village.

“The reception we received from the municipality. The village of Lawrence was still open and reception to us once we showed them our business plan. And we really checked a lot of boxes for them as well,” said Peon.

Not only do they have the resources and space, but Village President David Quick says it’s the boost they’ve been waiting for.

“Our industrial park has been limited over the years with a few companies in there but struggled to get more businesses in. With 305 coming in and being the size that they are and the jobs are going to create it’s just phenomenal for us,” said David Quick, Lawrence Village President.

It’s already made an impression in two ways even before it opens.

The first is bringing jobs to a village with a population of around 1 thousand.

“We just finished hiring 32 individuals full-time and across the different departments they’re all within about 5 to 15 minutes radius from the farm which is fantastic for the local community. At maturity the farm is expected to employ over 200 individuals,” said Peon.

The second is what the licensing fees are helping pay for.

“We have to maintain the roads, the water, the sewer that all needs to be upgraded because it’s an old system. With those monies coming in, we’re able to help get some of those projects started. So, they do kind of help in a sense find some of that getting that moving sooner rather than later,” said Quick.

Focusing on medical marijuana first and then moving towards cultivating recreational, 305 Farms is expected to be fully built by 2025.

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