About Us

305 Farms is the largest single-site indoor cannabis cultivation campus in the state of Michigan. Our state-of-the-art 39.24 acre campus is approved to stack up to 40 Class C Cultivation licenses (80,000 plants) and 2 Processing Licenses (Medical + Adult-Use). When all phases of construction are completed, the campus will include over 350,000 SF of cannabis cultivation, drying, trimming, processing, manufacturing and supporting operations (including 235,000 SF of total canopy).

The 305 Farms Campus

Through a combination of automation, LED technology, and other cannabis-specific systems (such as heating and cooling), 305 Farms is able to achieve economies of scale; impossible when compared to multi-site operators.

The first building (60K SF) opened in June 2022 with 5x Class C Cultivation licenses, focused on wholesale and pre-packaged flower production (25K SF of canopy). Our first flower harvest was in September 2022.

Future expansion will be completed in yearly phases from 2023-2025, with subsequent buildings / suites focused on an expansion of horizontal capacity (+210K SF of canopy).

At maturity, 305 Farms will achieve a total canopy size of 235K SF dedicated to wholesale flower production.

Vertical Integration

On-site processing, commercial kitchen and packaging infrastructure – 305 Farms has the ability to produce pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, vape products, and other proprietary SKU’s from monthly harvest and waste materials (i.e., shake /biomass, etc.)

Manufacturing and white label production through economies of scale allow for strategic partnerships with out-of-state brands seeking to enter the Michigan market.

2 Processing licenses (MED + AU) to produce manufactured goods including vapes, edibles, concentrates.

cannabis farming infrastructure-305 Farms

Quality & Consistency

305 Farms is focused on quality and great strain genetics.

Growing at scale allows for a roster of high-quality strains with consistent availability at retail.

Our goal is to refine and maintain a roster of 50 premium strains, with no more than 25 strains in production.

high quality cannabis flower